Monday, November 05, 2012

Steve Jobs - Angel, Devil or Just DIFFERENT?

There are some obvious ones that we've avoided until now - including the classic Apple's "Think Different" campaign. I always pretended not to notice this one, since I assumed that Apple would never err on the side of the devil. In fact, according to me, what they must have plausibly done was to use 'different' as an adjective, referring to a mystery invisible word that you have to guess. This would put them on the side of the angels. For example - "Think Different.... Transparent Blue Computers", "Think Different....Arty Farty Advertising Campaigns" etc.

Well, in last year's recent biography of Steve Jobs, it is revealed that Jobs insisted that he wanted 'different' to be used as a noun, as in 'think victory' or 'think beauty'. Except that victory and beauty are nouns. And different is, well... different. Which all goes to show Steve Jobs' inherent differentlyness. Tags:

The Earth is FLAT

The Boston Globe, just the other day in 2006, published a piece called "Adverb is as Adverb Does". Their pitch is that it's still an adverb if it fulfills the job of an adverb (i.e. modifying a verb), and using an adjective in that role is called the 'flat adverb'. Apparently, in the annals of history, the flat adverb was a common event. It is undeniable true that many pirates used to say "Me hearties, I be terrible thirsty for a tot o' rum!" But then officious linguistic pedants managed to civilize our society, turning water into wine by winningly employing the suffix -ly. Until today. But regardless of the trend to abolish this usage, it would be foolish to criticize anyone re-employing the flat adverb, since if it walks like a duck then it must still be an adverb. So there we have our lesson on history and progress. The Earth was flat, then it wasn't, and now it certain is again. For surely. Tags:

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I am all for greenery, but greenery without grammar? I would rather die. In a landfill.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What the DICKENS?

So now generations of impressionable young minds are being distorted by Cliff's Notes.... in this dangerous precis of "Great Expectations" we are taught to act abusive towards adverbs. Bring back 'O'-level English please!

"Pip himself is crossing a line of abusive behavior. Stressed about his finances, Pip complains about his servant, the Avenger, constantly. Instead of taking action and just firing the boy to save money, Pip acts as though he is the victim. Finally, one day when his frustrations peak over his debts, Pip grabs the boy and shakes him, acting abusive just like his sister did."

Is Pip really a victim? Or is it the dear reader? What larks!


Thursday, January 11, 2007


"My biggest win is a toss up between my 2002 World Cup win in Sydney and winning nationals this year in pursuit. The World Cup win was great because there was some negativity before the race and at the race from people thinking that I didn't have what it takes to compete at the world level. I guess I still need to thank some people for that because I've always raced awesome when I am, well let's just say "angry".

Sarah Hammer, cyclist and grammar champ par excellence. It seems that sports is a rich minefield for what I crave. Awesome!


Saturday, August 12, 2006


New extremely hot, fiery habanero Doritos.
Better keep some water nearby.
Fiery habanero Doritos chips.
Snack Strong.

It's overwhelming. The people are powerless!


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Where's my PANTS?

Overheard on a TV commerical for Nutrisystem:

"In only a week, my pants were fitting looser"

This brings me to comparative adverbs. They seem simple enough. Surely if my pants fit loose, then as I get inevitably thinner on the Nutrisystem diet, then they will soon be fitting looser. In fact, the woman in question was so thin, it was a miracle her pants stayed on at all. I think they were pinned.

So it's a slippery slope. One that we are making more slipperier every day.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Overheard on ESPN2

"And I am excited, hopefully, to see Ribery play. Who has just been playing phenomenal in the French league... he's just a fun player to watch"

Where's Motty when you need him?